Baby Alpaca

This probably is the cutest and most narcissist animal i have and will ever meet. No one disagrees with the cute part. When i first posted her pictures in insta story, a lot of people who never comment on my story left a comment just to say how cute she is. Yes she is indeed super cute.

I felt so lucky to have seen her. Not many people come to Peru and get the chance to see a baby alpaca. I know a lot of people do envy me 😋

She was just a week old and leashed near the local people’s houses. When i approached her, she did not care and just sat quietly at her place. But when i started to take her pictures, she got up and looked so angry (the first picture). At one point i thought she would bite me. I did not know whether alpacas can bite people or not!

Funnily, when i took out my phone to take a selfie with her, she smiled! Apparently she liked her own reflection. Once she saw her reflection on my phone, i could not take her eyes off of my phone. Such a narcissist!

I wish i could bring her home.