I cannot agree more that Cuzco is indeed a beautiful city. The city is filled with old spanish buildings yet you can still feel the Inca culture vibes.

One thing unique about this city is that even starbucks, mcdonald’s and kfc must accustom to the old architecture buildings. They cannot use their own design as you might see all around the world.

Cuzco city is the capital city of Cuzco area so you can find almost anything here. Restaurants, stores, souvenir shops, art markets, money changers, etc. Oh, there are lots of camera shops too. . So don’t worry about forgetting your memory card or camera battery.

My most favourite restaurants in Cuzco are Chica by Chef Gusto and Barrio Ceviche. Oh my God! You should really try those two. They are the best food i have ever had in South America. But peruvian food is basically good so no need to worry about your meal.

For people who like to buy souvenirs like me, please be extra careful with your wallet. I blame all the cute stuffs sold in the art markets for my over budget.

I bought many alpaca sweaters, dolls, hats (yes i collect hats), bags, etc. It was a crazy shopping spree. But i did not regret it. Even i wish i have shopped more cause i don’t know when i will be back and i could not find those things in any other part of the world.

PS: See my outfits in Machu Picchu post, everything (except my pants) is made of alpaca wool. Love them so much!