Rainbow Mountain

Rainbow mountain or Ausangate is the second reason why i want to visit Peru.

The mountain has an amazing array of colors due to the different types of minerals forming the mountain. It results to a unique and mesmerizing scenery.

But don’t expect the colors to be as radiant as in pictures which have been heavily and extremely photoshopped. I take these pictures with just an Iphone SE. And i only just adjust the brightness a little bit to make it as real as i see it.

Here are some tips worth to note before visiting Rainbow Mountain.

1. Take at least one day in Cuzco to acclimate

The mountain is situated around 5,200 meters above sea level. It is nearly as high as Mount Everest base camp. So, take at least one day to acclimate in Cuzco. If you do not acclimate enough, you probably feel dizzy or even pass out and definitely will not enjoy the trip.

2. Book a local tour from Cuzco

There are a lot of local tours that run daily from Cuzco to Rainbow Mountain. And they are cheaper than anything you can find in the internet. So do not book any tour before coming to Cuzco.

3. Ask whether the tour has oxygen for emergency

Just in case you do not acclimate enough or your body do not get enough oxygen due to the high altitude, it would be best if your tour operator has an oxygen tube. I know the possibility is very low. But better to be prepared than sorry, right?

4. Take the horse

The trek is around 2 kilometers long and do not forget to mind the high altitude before deciding to walk or take the horse. There are a lot of people get tired in the middle of the way and finally take the horse.

So think about it carefully before losing your energy up. You will need it to climb to the top of the mountain where the horse cannot take you.

5. Bring coca leaves or coca candy or pills for altitude sickness

Even though you have acclimated enough in Cuzco, remember that Rainbow Mountain is a lot higher than Cuzco and bringing coca or pills for altitude sickness can come in handy.

6. Wear warm clothes

High altitude comes with extreme cold weather. Put on your warmest and most comfortable clothes!