Amazon Experience

When you visit the Amazon, please remember that you are not in a zoo or an amusement park.  You are in the jungle! No one can guarantee what animals you will see and encounter. No one can. It really depends on your luck.

Thank God i got a quite high dose of luck. During my trip in the Amazon, i saw pink dolphins, sloths, tarantulas, alligators and lots lots of birds, including the famous blue macaw. The one in Rio the movie.

Unfortunately, since we did not know when we would encounter them, i was not able to snap a single picture of them. When i was ready with a camera, they never showed up. Once i did not have a camera in my hand, they suddenly showed up. I think they just did not like paparazzis.

Anyway, the most important thing is that i have seen them with my own eyes. And most of them were close encounter experience.