Iguana Island

Marine iguanas can only be found in Galapagos islands. And the hybrid between marine and land iguanas can only be found here. In South Plaza island.

Do you know what is the difference between marine and land iguanas? Marine iguanas are black and land iguanas are yellow. The hybrid between the two has both black and yellow color.

I chose this place because i wanted to see the famous marine iguanas. While there are a lot of marine iguanas sun bathing here, unfortunately, i did not get the chance to see them swimming.

But i saw two iguanas batting their heads against each other, wanted to start a fight. We waited and waited but they did not start the fight. Maybe they were too shy to fight in front of a lot of humans.

South Plaza island was small but we saw many iguanas, sea lions and some birds. So it was quite an interesting place.

For me, the best thing from the island was the scenery. I did not expect it to be that pretty.

It was a dry season on August so the bushes are all red. Combined with the green cactus and blue sky, the view was astonishing. The guide told us that during the wet season it would be just green and boring. Thank God i came at the right time 🙂