Nusa Penida

Situated 45 minutes by boat from Sanur – Bali, Nusa Penida has now become a must visit tourist destination. While the island has earned its fame from Crystal Bay, a famous dive spot to see mola-mola, not many people know that there are beautiful spots worth to visit by a land tour.

1. Angel Billabong

The path to get to the pool between the cliff is quite rocky and will definitely hurts your feet. So don’t forget your slippers if you want to go down and take picture like these.

Be careful to not stand at the edge of the cliff because sometimes the wave can come in a sudden and pull people to the ocean below. It happened when we were there when one of our friends was near the cliff. Fortunately, she was okay! People could have died because of the wave. Be very cautious!

2. Broken Beach

It is located in the same area as Angel Billabong. Just a 5-10 minutes walk.

There are small shops selling local snacks and drinks. It is a good place to rest from the walk and the sun. Yes the temperature in Nusa Penida is very very hot, even for an Indonesian like me.

Don’t forget to try fried banana, fried jackfruit and the coconut drink.

3. Kelingking Beach

For those who have lots of time and energy, the beach is worth a visit. Not many people going there because the path is difficult and tiring. No wonder you will find a pristine and quiet beach down there.

It takes almost 40 minutes to get to the beach by a bamboo stair, which is the only way you can get there. I am not a sporty person so i just stop at the top of the cliff to take a picture of the beach from above.

The bamboo stairs are very traditional. You might question its safety. But to Indonesian standard, i see it safe enough to get people up and down the beach.

The way down is difficult since you need to find which spot to step on. The way up is easier but of course a lot tiring.

Getting There

Our trip, together with our dive trip, was arranged by a local tour. We had cars to bring us around the island which take approximately 40-60 minutes from one location to another. The road is not well paved so you will get a horse-ride feeling.

There are many people rent motorcycle but we saw at least 2 motorcycle accidents due to the condition of the road. So be extra careful if you want to rent one.

Tips: Download offline google map because most of the areas do not have signal reception.