Sun Surf Stay

Exactly like its name. It is the place where you want to stay for sun and surf. And because i do not surf, this was not the best suitable place for me. 
People come here to surf. Every morning you will see dozen of people surfing at the beach. Unsurprising. It is located in Bingin beach which is famous for surfing. 
While the view is gorgeous and the place is nice, but i have to inform you of one important thing before you decide to come and stay at this place. The only way to get here is through (almost) a hundred of stairs. 
I read from reviews that we need to take stairs to get into this place. But i do not expect it to be almost one hundred. It is very tiring for me, an Indonesian, who rarely work out. It might be easy for foreigners. That is also the reason why i almost do not see Indonesians here. 
Oh.. and this place is quite far from shops and restaurants. Even to get to the closest restaurant, you have to take the stairs. So brace yourself!
BUT, again i want to repeat. The view is gorgeous and the place is very quiet because of course it is a secluded place. Every room has its own hammock and gets an ocean view. Literally an ocean view. It is also a nice, clean and wonderful airbnb. If you do not mind the stairs, i will highly recommend this place.