Raja Ampat


The hike to the top is such a challenge with sharp rocks need to be conquered. Even my legs get some scratch from the evil rocks. Yet, the view from the top is really breathtaking. No wonder they say that the best view comes after the hardest climb.

Not only the climb is a challenge, the trip to reach Wayag is also an adventure too. We almost not going to this area due to the bad weather. Our first few days in Raja Ampat are full of storms and cloudy weather. My skin does not get any darker during the first three days. Going to a beach without a tan, what is it supposed to mean?

Wayag is the most northern part of Raja Ampat region. It takes a night, around 7-8 hours by big boat or 4 hours by speedboat, from the central part of Raja Ampat where there is blue magic, melissa garden and so on. And due to the awful (i would not even say bad) weather, the ship crew almost decide not to go cause we might not be able to bear the seasickness out of such kind of weather. On top of that, if we reach Wayag and the weather still bad, we would not be able to climb and take pictures with drone.

Out of the odds, we finally decide to remain going to Wayag. And once we reach Wayag, the weather is super nice with clear blue sky and scorching sun. Thank God!

Photo credit: @cungkring @tripinc