Peruvian Style

Here are some stuffs i learn about Peruvians.

1. Eat guinea pigs and alpacas

You might have known it from the movie Emperor’s New Groove. People here eat guinea pigs and alpacas.

I have eaten rabbits in Indonesia so i assume it would taste almost the same like guinea pigs. So i did not try one.

Though i was reluctant, i had set my heart up to try alpaca meat when i was in Peru. It was not bad but it was not good. Especially i keep imagining the cute alpaca face 😦

I don’t know how to describe the taste. It tastes weird. Like between beef and lamb i guess. I don’t know.

2. Make clothes from alpaca wool and color them with plants

I think almost everything here are made from alpaca wool. Clothes, hats, carpets, souvenirs. And i bought all of them 😅

During one of the tour, they brought me to a textile market where they showed us how they make clothes from alpaca wool and use the essence of different plants to create different colors.

3. Corns are colorful

My whole life i always think that corn is only in yellow color. Apparently that is not true here in Peru. I see corns in many different colors. There are purple, red, black, grey. Wow!

4. Alpacas are different from Llamas

I just know that there are llamas and alpacas. And that they are different. The size, the skin, the ears and the face. I just know!

5. Pisco

Pisco is the traditional liquor from Peru. Or Chile. I don’t know. I don’t want to pick a side hahahaha. . .