Nazca Lines

I bet all of us have seen or heard about these lines. Even so, until now no one knows anything about it. What are they, who make them, why and how they are made.

There are many speculations about these lines. The most famous one is that they are made by the aliens or to communicate with aliens.

As you can see from the pictures, the lines are huge. See how small the shadow of our plane and where the line is crossed by a highway, see how big are the lines compared to the bus in the highway.

I took a small plane to see all of the lines but you can climb a tower to see some of them for a lot cheaper price. Seeing the lines from above was such an amazing experience. But, if you have problems with flying on a small plane, i will strongly advise you not to take it.

The flight was only around 20-30 minutes but the swing was pretty intense. During the whole flight, the plane will move to the left and right up to almost forty five degree since the pilot tried to show the lines as closely as possible to both the passengers sitting on the left and the ones sitting on the right.

I usually can take a small flight without feeling dizzy for around 30 minutes. But because of the extreme swing, i started feeling dizzy around 15 minutes. Thank God i did not throw up.

PS: One time in junior high, i wrote a paper about aliens.  Can’t believe life can take me here!