Lencois Maranhenses

A lagoon and a desert. That does not sound like a right combination. But apparently the two make a good place to visit.

I have not been to many places around the world. But this probably is one unique place none can compare. Some say it feels like we are in Mars cause where on earth can we find a lagoon in a desert?

They also say it is weird to see people wearing bikinis in a desert. But, the desert feels like a beach. So why not wearing a bikini?

While it is a place worthwhile to visit, but other than this place there is nothing similarly good around the area to be visited. And the problem with Brazil is that there are too many beautiful places to visit yet all of them are far from each other. Also, not many flights are available in one day. The flights are either too early in the morning or too late at night. So if you do not have many days to spare to pick the comfortable flight schedule, the trip would be very exhausting. Plan your trip wisely!

Lencois Maranhenses is quite new for tourists, especially for foreigners. Not many local tours are available and they rarely have English speaking guide. Most guides speak Spanish and Portuguese. So if you can speak Spanish, you will be fine.

But, if you do not speak Spanish or Portuguese, you might have a problem. Portuguese is one of the most difficult languages i have ever heard. I cannot speak Spanish but i can at least guess what they say because Spanish often sounds like a broken English. But Portuguese is nothing sounds like an English. I cannot even have one idea what they are talking about in Portuguese. Lucky me, i always find someone who can speak both English and Portguese to help me.