Bartolome Island

If you google Galapagos, more likely than not, you will find the picture of Bartolome island. Due to the unique landscape, this island has become the face of Galapagos islands.

What makes this island unique is the pinnacle. Though it looks pretty, it was not naturally formed. It was formed by a bomb during the World War 2.

Other than the pinnacle, there are not many things to see in this island. Bartolome is one of the youngest island in the archipelago. The last eruption happened in this island. That is why not many living creatures able to live in this island. We only saw several lizards here. It will take hundreds of years until this island can be inhabited by humans.

While i did not expect to see anything interesting in this island, because i only wanted to take a picture of the pinnacle, i was so lucky to see a penguin swimming near the beach. It swam so fast that i did not get a chance to take a picture of it. So sad.

And also, during our way back to Santa Cruz island, there were many many dolphins swimming near our boat. Awesome, right?