Bartolome Island

When you google Galapagos, most likely than not, your search will result in the pictures of Bartolome Island.  This island is renowned for the unique landscape.  The pinnacle rock.

The rock was not naturally formed.  A bomb during World War 2 caused the island to have such landmark.  But, no one knows how the island looked like before the bomb.

Tourists come to this island not only to see the pinnacle rock.  In this island, people can see how an island looked like after an eruption.  What organisms start to live there, what plants start to grow, what predators start to exist, and until an ecosystem is developed. It takes hundreds and hundreds of years before the island can be inhabited by humans.

Bartolome island is the youngest island among the archipelago. The most recent volcano eruption happened in this island. Please bear in mind that when i said recent, it still means at least 100 years ago.

While not many living creatures can be found in this island, i am lucky enough to see a penguin and many dolphins on my way to Bartolome island.