Manta Point

This was my second time seeing mantarays. First time was during my visit to Labuan Bajo two years ago. But i was not a licensed diver back then so i saw them only from boat and by snorkeling.

I am not a fan of diving. I have a love and hate relationship with it. I love it cause divng is the only way i can encounter wild sealife in close proximity. I hate it cause it is tiring and sometimes makes me feel uncomfortable especially when we are preparing to dive from a shaking boat.

The mixed feelings make me so excited about going diving but on the other hand i am so relieved when it is over.

This also happened when we went diving in Nusa Penida. The wave in Manta Point was very very terrible. Some of us threw up on the boat. One of us even threw up underwater.

The pinnacle in which the manta circling around is just 5 meters below the surface and the strong wave still can be felt down below. The one causing our sea sickness.

Even though we did not see mola-mola in Crystal Bay (the other group of ours see two in one of their dives) i am quite happy to see the dancing manta. There were at least 11 mantarays dancing and circling the pinnacle. It probably was the mating time for them.

Tips: If you need to throw up underwater, just throw up and press your regulator to release it from your mouth. You will be fine. Don’t panic!